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Private Homes

Let us inspire you...
Your artwork should speak to your emotions. 


Maybe you know exactly what you like and are looking for a custom made solution for your space or maybe you are looking for some inspiration. We can help you find the right artwork for your home. The White Wall Project has years of experience working with art, galleries and decorating.

The consulting service is free of charge, if you purchase artwork for more than DKK 5.000,-.

A consulting session often goes like this...

We meet you and perhaps your favorite people in the world and get a climbs of your homely universe and personality. After meeting you and getting an impression of what you love and dream of we create a mood board and a proposal for the art pieces that are in line with your universe.

Our purpose is always to help you select the pieces of your dreams. 


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 or call +45 71 99 39 99 for further information.